Envic Oy was established in 1974 by current managing director, Mr Tapio Kyläpekka. His basic idea was to plan, manufacture and sell measurement, alarm and control equipment in Finland. As a consequence of high technical knowledge and a dynamic research and development policy, Envic’s product range has continued to expand and be updated, giving it a strong foothold in the domestic market, but also an ever growing augmentation in the international arena.

The corporate philosophy of Envic is to manufacture innovative instrumentation products to meet the needs of various industrial processes, and to provide quality products which offer good value for money.

Envis Oy is a specialist in the following product groups:

  • HVA and industrial alarm annunciator center
  • Multi-channel measurement and monitoring system
  • Real estate control and monitoring system
  • PC control and data collecting units
  • Portable meters (C, %Rh, m/s, bar)
  • Intelligent digital panel meters
  • Transmitters and transducers
  • Probes and sensors