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Envic Ltd designs and produces accurate electronic measurement devices specifically designed to be used in industrial environments. Our specialty is creating stable devices that measure temperature, humidity, pressure differences and air flow rate. In addition of our standard products we continuously design new applications for our OEM-customers.

Envic Ltd has been grounded over 40 years ago. Our products are being sold to multiple countries in Europe and also to the USA.

Examples of our products


A flexible datalogger for indoor air quality measurements GDU™-MULTI SENS is specifically designed for indoor air quality measurements. It has integrated sensors for measuring pressure differen...

New GDU™-A meter for monitoring negative pressure

The new GDU™-AcL/GSM is an easy to use pressure monitoring meter that makes sure that all data is saved when moving the device from one place to another. After necessary measurements have been ...

Environment monitoring system

With GDU™-12 S/GSM central unit data logger and DAT-1 digital transmitters units connected to it can versatile and flexible be collected results of measuring and monitor environmental  conditi...

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