Example use cases for our products


Indoor air quality 

For indoor air quality measurements:

New GDU™ MULTISENS datalogger is a great tool for indoor air quality measurements. It can measure multiple air quality factors simultaneously. The MultiSens device is also equipped with a tVOC sensor, which is used to monitor health threatening organic compounds. Read more: GDU™ MultiSens

An alternative choice for reliable measurement results is our GD-10 L , a handheld meter that you can find here: Dataloggers

For air pressure measurements the GDU™ is a great choice. GDU-P

For temperature & humidity measurement, recording and further analysis:  GDU-PTH brochure or GDU-TH_brochure

With the GDU- 12 S/GSM datalogger and transmitter combination you can easily measure desired air quality factors in various environments.GDU 12 S/GSM Environment monitoring system

Construction sites

Designed for monitoring pressure difference in asbestos/dust free construction sites GDU™-A pressure datalogger:

Structure humidity

For measuring both internal and external humidity: GDU™-TH Temperature/Humidity measurements


For measuring and monitoring pressure differences the GD-10_brochure is a great tool. For the same purpose we have a portable DM-102 multi purpose meter. The new GD-10L is also a viable option for measuring pressure difference




For measuring pressure differences in a hospital environment GDU A.

Our air flow meters can be used to monitor fume hoods in laboratory environments. More air flow meters: AFA  



Clean rooms

The GDU A. is also a great tool for monitoring clean rooms pressure levels

Storage & Groceries

For measuring different storage environments temperature, humidity and pressure difference levels we offer multiple GDU™ models that can be used for this purpose: Dataloggers


With the environment monitoring GDU™-12 datalogger combined with DAT transmitters, multiple different measurement points can be monitored wirelessly during a transport. The GDU12 can be found here


Suitable devices for measurements in animal shelters, plant factories or storage buildings can be found here: Dataloggers

Industrial usage

Suitable alarm devices for industrial measurements (e.g air conditioning monitoring in industrial environments) can be found here: Alarm systems